I teach philosophy, theology, religion, and ethics at Boston University in the United States. I coordinate Boston University’s PhD training in religion and science. With Patrick McNamara, I founded the Center for Mind and Culture, a research institute dedicated to tackling complex social problems using hi-tech solutions. I participate in numerous research projects related to the study of religions using the sciences of cognition and culture.


My personal goals include trying to use my over-trained brain to make a difference in the world. This begins with the research we do at the Center for Mind and Culture, where we take on issues such as religious extremist violence, child sex trafficking, and immigrant integration challenges. I also endeavor to communicate with diverse audiences about religion in all of its aspects. “Religion” points to a complicated, wonderful, dangerous set of human phenomena, and we need to understand it to exercise responsible control over it. I use my web sites and publications to reach out to non-academic audiences about religion and spirituality, as well as contemporary social problems.

For example, one of my outreach programs involves explaining to the general public what scientists and other intellectuals have to say about religion and spirituality. Resources of this kind are collected at ScienceOnReligion.org, ExploringMyReligion.org, and the ScienceOnReligion blog at Patheos.com.

Another of my outreach programs is the Liberal Evangelical Project. This project aims to empower Christians who see themselves as intentional moderates and to offer resources to Christian congregations who intend to be both Christ-centered and creatively inclusive. These Christians and congregations have both liberal and evangelical instincts, they find polarized political and religious debates alienating, and they are inspired by Jesus’ example of radical inclusiveness and by his preaching of a love that transcends ideological and theological divisions. Resources are collected at LiberalEvangelical.org, including news articles and Dr. Brandon Daniel-Hughes’ perceptive and eccentric Le Blog.


I live with my family in the Boston area, having emigrated from Australia. I am fond of cricket, Vegemite, and Australian Rules Football.


You can contact me at wwildman-at-bu.edu (replace the “-at-” with @).

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