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Wildhouse Publications Takes Flight

I was in Frankfurt’s airport a few years ago, just after the Airbus A380 was born. I standing in a section of the terminal with sixty foot glass windows facing an alleyway filled with slowly taxiing aircraft. Thousands of people were streaming by in the terminal behind me. And then it happened. An A380-800 slowly drifted past right in front of me. Humongous. Beautiful. I looked around and to my amazement, nobody else seemed to care. But I was transfixed.

Since then I have watched those behemoths take off – long runway, slow acceleration, and then… the miracle of flight. Awe inspiring!

Airbus A380-800

The A-380 is a bit like my adventure in publishing. It has been in planning for a while and the runway has been long. But it is about to take off.

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Is it possible to make a video about a technical Wildman book?

Dr. Mark Banas thinks so. Take a look at his video account of Religious Philosophy as Multidisciplinary Comparative Inquiry: Envisioning a Future for the Philosophy of Religion. Mark has produced a bunch of good videos and I encourage you to subscribe to keep track of his adventures in communicating religion, and sometimes philosophy, through “Ten on Religion.” See his channel here.