I conceive of my books, and my other writings, in four groupings.

Religious Philosophy Series

The Religious Philosophy Series aims to present interpretations of classic themes in philosophy of religion, understood as a form of multidisciplinary, comparative inquiry. This series as conceived, and as partly published, is as follows.

  • Volume 1: Religious Philosophy as Multidisciplinary Comparative Inquiry (SUNY, 2010)
  • Volume 2: Science and Religious Anthropology (Ashgate, 2009)
  • Volume 3: Science and Ultimate Reality (Ashgate, forthcoming, 2014)
  • Volume 4: Science and Religion: A Problem-Oriented Approach (planned)
  • Volume 5: Comparative Natural Theology (in preparation)
  • Volume 6: Religious and Spiritual Experiences (Cambridge, 2011)
  • Volume 7: Religious Language (planned)
  • Volume 8: Effing the Ineffable: Unconventional Essays in Religious Philosophy (in preparation)

Mystical Theology Series

The centerpiece of the Mystical Theology Series is a systematic theology called Theology for Mystical Theologians. These books are planned and in progress and will become the focus of my attention when the Religious Philosophy series is completed.

  • Volume 1: Speaking of Ultimacy (planned)
  • Volume 2: Earth’s Strangest Creatures (planned)
  • Volume 3: Religious Genius (planned)
  • Volume 4: Theological Method for Mystical Theologians (planned)
  • Volume 5: In Our Own Image: Anthropomorphism, Apophaticism, and Ultimacy (in preparation)

Outreach Series

The purpose of the Outreach Series is to explain philosophy, theology, ethics, and the scientific study of religion to the general educated public. This diverse collection of books, published and planned, is unified not by theme but by target audience.

  • Lost in the Middle? Claiming an Inclusive Faith for Christians Who Are Both Liberal and Evangelical (Alban Institute, 2009)
  • Found in the Middle! Theology and Ethics for Christians Who Are Both Liberal and Evangelical (Alban Institute, 2009)
  • Origins & Destinies, a volume in the Science and the World’s Religions series, edited with Patrick McNamara (Praeger, 2012)
  • Persons & Groups, a volume in the Science and the World’s Religions series, edited with Patrick McNamara (Praeger, 2012)
  • Religions & Controversies, a volume in the Science and the World’s Religions series, edited with Patrick McNamara (Praeger, 2012)
  • God Is: Meditations on the Mystery of Life, the Purity of Grace, the Bliss of Surrender, and the God Beyond God (in preparation)
  • Liberal and Conservative: The Science and Spirituality of Religious Ideology (in preparation)
  • Revolutionary Pastoral Care: New Insights from the Sciences and Theology (in preparation)
  • The Neglected Craft of Radical Peacemaking: Reflections on the Ethics of Jesus and Gautama (in preparation)
  • Fragments: Readings and Reflections for Lent or Any Time (completed; under consideration)
  • The Future of Religious Experience (in preparation)

Other Books

  • Fidelity with Plausibility: Modest Christologies in the Twentieth Century (SUNY, 1998)
  • Encyclopedia of Science and Religion, 2 vols., Co-Editor with Niels Gregersen and Nancy Howell, Chief Editor, Wentzel Van Huyssteen (Macmillan Reference, 2003)
  • Religion and Science: History, Method, Dialogue, ed. with W. Mark Richardson (Routledge, Inc., 1996). Translated into Russian as РЕЛИГИЯ И НАУКА: История, Метод, Диалог (2001).